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You need a private website, where you will make your interests and passions publicly available? You have a company and you want to offer your products and services? Or you decide to make your club better known?

No problem! We discuss your ideas and I will program a custom website. Logos and graphics can be provided by you, or I will design a suitable layout from scratch.

I put a lot of emphasis on accessibility in programming. Thus, even visually impaired people can use a screen reader to retrieve the contents. The layout of the pages is done exclusively via CSS.

I will test the pages for browser compatibility, so they will be displayed well in any browser.

I will program valid HTML5 and will optimize your pages for search engines. So you can be sure that your site will be found by potential clients, friends and interested people.

"My strength as a web designer and web programmer is to pro­vide an in­di­vi­du­al in­ter­net pre­sence at a rea­son­able price, based on a pro­fession­al con­tent man­age­ment, who­se con­tents can be main­tain­ed by the client him­self."


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Webdesign Markward

Each content management system (CMS) is continually evolving. With each new release vulnerabilities my occur that can be exploited by hackers to inject malicious code into the website.

The same can happen to foreign extensions for the used CMS. The injected malicious code usually leads to a Trojan attack to the computers of your website visitors, but the server infrastructure of the hosting company is at risk too. As a website owner you are legally responsible for the security of the software installed on the server and you can be held liable for damages.

Therefore, it is extremely important to always operate the CMS and the extensions on the basis of the latest available software version. The updates for the CMS Joomla!,  for example, are currently very easy to perform; but under certain circumstances, problems and errors can still occur during the update procedure.

So I'm offering you a kind of "service contract" for 288 € per year (that corresponds to half an hour of effort per month). The "contract" includes the ongoing updating of the CMS and its components. Only when extensive changes and adjustments are made in the CMS, and changes in the programming of the layout and the templates or themes are necessary, I will make you a special offer for the upgrade. But that usually only happens every few years.

So you can be sure that all known vulnerabilities are immediately closed and your website always stays on the cutting edge of technology.

If you run your website on Joomla! 2.5.x, 1.5.x or even Joomla! 1.0.x, it is urgently recommended to migrate to the latest Joomla! Version 3.8.x, because the old versions are no longer supplied with security updates. They are no longer supported and you run the risk that your website will be hacked and your content will be deleted. Security Updates for version 2.5.x were only delivered until the end of december 2014, so it is strongly recommended now to upgrade to Joomla! 3.8.x (eventually with modifications to the template).

A migration proceeds in three steps. First the new Joomla! files are placed in a subfolder of the web space, then the database will be transferred to the new structure and then the used template (files that are responsible for the layout of the page) has to be reprogrammed.

If you are migrating from the very old Joomla! Version 1.0.x, even an intermediate step must be introduced, first a migration to Joomla! 1.5.x and then finally to Joomla! 3.8.x.

I've gained a lot of experience completing numerous migrations and can, for a fair price, bring your site up to date. The cost of migration my vary depending on which Joomla! extensions are installed.

I can offer two base price packages:

  • Joomla! Migration from 1.0.x: as of 450 €
  • Joomla! Migration from 1.5.x: as of 300 €
  • Joomla! Upgrade from 2.5.x: as of 150 €

The extra costs depend on the extensions installed and if they have to be migrated.

Do not hesitate too long to take my service into account, because if your site is compromised, the damage is usually very large.

You can contact me via the contact form or directly via e-mail to info@webdesign-markward.de.

Especially Joomla! Updates 3.4.6 and 3.4.7 released in December 2015, which closed serious vulnerabilities in Joomla! show how important updating your Joomla! Website at time with the release of updates is. As it became known, these vulnarabilities were exploited to infect Joomla! Websites with a variant of the dangerous ransomware TeslaCrypt. see also: http://heise.de/-3052441 and http://heise.de/-3114184

The updates in Joomla! are unfortunately not yet, as with current WordPress versions already introduced, fully automated. You must login yourself in the backend to start the updates manually, the same for the updates of foreign extensions.

If you don't want to spend time and effort to find informations about the releases of security updates for your Joomla! installation, I recommend you to take my maintenance contract service in account. I care not only about the timely completion of the Joomla! Updates but i.a. for updating all foreign extensions, which are also potential entry points for malicious code, as has been shown in the past.

Take me into account!

modern responsive websiteIf you would like a website with Web 2.0 features, so your customers or users come into interactive contact, a website based on a content management system (CMS) is exactly the right thing for you.

Especially if you want to have a lot of sub pages with much content, the editorial system provided by a CMS gives you the easiest possibility to manage your content.

I'll install the latest version of the CMS of your choice and will program a template, corresponding to your needs, and will configure the basic settings for your first articles.

Then you can add or change content at any time and without knowledge of HTML with an online text editor, usable like a word processing program.

My website is based on the CMS Joomla!, so basically you can see what opportunities it has to offer.

The most popular free content management systems are Drupal, Joomla!, Typo3 and WordPress.

But I put myself flexibly to your wishes and I'm happy to advise you in choosing the most suitable content management system.

If you merely need a simple presentation of your company, your products or services, with a few pages, or the content does not seek long-term changes, I'll program your pages in a traditional way in XHTML or in the HTML5 standard.

In any case, I set myself entirely to your liking. Unless specifically requested otherwise, I work in web development in the "Responsive Web Design" standard, ie Internet design and layout automatically adapts to the respective screen resolution of the user. Users that for example call your website with a smartphone or a tablet, see an on the device adapted display and the page can therefore be operated highly efficient.

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