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  • Markward Kufleitner is not only a professional web programmer who always implements the customer's wishes precisely, but also a creative thinker. He has great ideas for perfecting customer requests. I am very satisfied with his work and can only warmly recommend him. Also because he has absolutely fair pricing for his work and remains "human" in everything. Occasionally I have the impression that values ​​and communication are more important to him than money. Where can you find that today in our broken turbo-capitalism? Write to him or call him, he will surely find a very good solution for your planned or existing website.
  • Thank you for the competent and professional advice and processing. Your questions and tasks regarding web programming were quickly solved by your support. Thanks a lot!
  • Really reliable web programmer and Service provider who competently and quickly implements the tasks assigned to him
  • Competent web designer and web programmer. The task was carried out reliably, quickly and to the fullest satisfaction.
  • Thank you for your support! We are not always easy, often probably very amateurish. But we can count on you if something doesn't work with our website Ulrich Schachtschneider Left Forum Oldenburg
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