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In many projects, my task is also to reprogram existing extensions of the software installed online, if possible in such a way that the adaptations also survive updates of the components, modules or plug-ins. Further tasks I routinely do are upgrades and migrations of hosting based shop solutions or content management systems to the latest major releases.

My tasks also include the cleanup and recovery of websites infected with malicious code due to security holes in systems or extensions that are usually not constantly updated. Up to now, I have been able to restore security on every page and get it up and running 100% free of malicious code. In this context, I recommend that you conclude a service agreement with me, so that it can not even come to a hack on your Internet presence.

Some projects:

  • Integration of eKomi review system to shop.adaptare.de
  • Smartphone photo upload option programmed for pics2party.de
  • Migration script for Joomfish content to Joomla! 2.5.x articles
  • Shipping labels with barcodes automation for shop.adaptare.de
  • Complex order form on ton-film-bild.de
  • Sophisticated gift voucher on ton-film-bild.de
  • Application form for studentenwerk-oldenburg.de
  • and a lot of sophisticatedly programed Joomla! Templates


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